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Monthly Masterclass Open to All Through the End of 2019


Live master classes will be held once a month from 16:30 to 17:30 Central European Time (CET) on Zoom

All are welcome to attend  - even non members can come experience a webinar with Barbara

Here are the dates for the upcoming webinars for 2019:

  • Masterclass  1                     September 11 - How to Be the (Humble) Hero of Your Own Story - Hotseat
  • Mastermind 4                     October 10 - Executive Presence - Hotseat
  • Mastermind 5                     November 14 - Personal Pitch Mastery - Start with the Problem? - Hotseat
  • Mastermind 6                     December 12 - Holiday lecture on how to give a toast, be a host and make the most of yourself

will be held from 16:30 to 17:30 Central European Time (CET) All sessions will be recorded and added to the library. They will be held on a webinar platform and reminders and links will be sent to all members in advance.


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