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Library Intro

Over time, Barbara will create and build a large members only library of unique e-books, e-courses and other reference tools about public speaking, communication and empowerment. Join today to get access to these awesome resources as they are published!

Unique E-Products


Webinars & Podcasts


Speaker's Guide

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In this library, we will offer you tools to help you on these quests – ebooks, checklists, ecourses, recordings of previous webinars and much more. Titles include:

E-Course: Anatomy of a Brilliant Speech

E-Course: How to Tell a Great Business Story in Under Five Minutes

E-Course:  Talk Like A TEDx Woman

E-Course: How to Overcome 'Mansplaining'.

More to come!

Barbara will hold 1 webinar a month that will be recorded and added to the library and include these elements:

MasterClass - A monthly class that you can follow to learn new things about communication mastery.

MasterMind Group Coaching - Work with Barbara in a group setting where you can ask for help with your presentation. Two members can volunteer to "HOT SEAT"  and present to the group for live feedback.

Q&A Session: You can also come online to ask questions and also hear other people's questions and learn from these answers.

Our Unique Gift For You! When you sign up to become a member you will be receive a PDF or print copy of Barbara's popular book:

Boring to Brilliant!
A Reference Guide for Speakers

160 Tips, Tools and Anecdotes from a Successful TEDx Speaker Coach to Help YOU Become a Brilliant Presenter


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