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BarbaraBarbara is a Social Entrepreneur Who Wants to Give Back...

“Social Entrepreneurship is the attempt to draw on business techniques to pursue innovative ideas with the potential to solve community problems. The Social Entrepreneur is willing to take on the risk and effort to create positive changes in the world through their initiatives, while still making a healthy profit that can be partially put back into the program.”
 Just as we aspire to help you become more confident spreading your message, we want to help other women around the world to do the same - especially those whose opportunities are challenged by circumstances.


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Therefore, 5% of the revenue from the very first member will be placed in a scholarship fund/grass roots fund for high potential girls and women who need support and be used to fund educational programs for girls and women. The more members we have, the more girls we can reach out to, and train them how to be brilliant speakers and good communicators. You have the opportunity to drive this initiative as a Founding Member!

The She Speaks with Passion Membership accomplishes something never done before: to provide continuous speaker coaching and support for businesswomen who speak for their work and lift others as we succeed. Barbara Rogoski has created a social activism platform called Lift Her as You Climb to provide scholarships, public speaking and communication training for high potential girls in underpriveledged situations. In the future, our vision is to invite members to put forward candidates for scholarship to this membership site and for additional one-on-one training or group training at their school.

This project will develop as the membership develops, so it will change over time based on where the members take it.

Contact Barbara directly for more details.

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