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Work with Barbara in Your Corporate Environment

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Offer She Speaks with Passion to the Women in Your Organization


Do you have a women's support network in your organization or want to give your female employees access to an experienced speaker coach and mentor? Introduce a customized She Speaks with Passion group program. 

If you enroll at least 50 women in this program, Barbara  can offer one extra private webinar for your staff each month and extra coaching time in the Friday office hours. 

It would work like this: We would organized a kickoff day for the 50 ladies and Barbara would come for half a day to meet them, or do it virtually. She would do a presentation and some "hot seat" coaching on the spot. Afterwards, they would join the rest of the members in the forum, webinars and for the coaching within the members' area. Then each month, we would arrange a private webinar on a topic of interest just for your group. 

Barbara also offers executive 1:1 coaching for men and women, two day group coaching and conference speaker coaching. She lives in Holland and can drive or fly to your location for coaching or training events.

Her recent clients include:

  • Microsoft
  • MSD/Merck
  • Deloitte
  • Accenture
  • Achmea
  • Rabobank

and many other Fortune 500 companies who have organized customized corporate programs with big results.

Contact Barbara here or send an email to


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