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barbara coaching 3Every Friday Barbara is Available for a Mini Coaching Call on Anything

 Big Speech or Big Opportunity Coming Up? Talk it Over With Barbara.

Every Friday, Barbara will be available for informal coaching for maximum of 30 minutes. It is really just to ask questions about a specific issue or check if speech is in good order. You have your own personal executive speaker coach, just a phone call away, whenever you need some confidence or not sure about something.

‘Dare to Do It coaching will also be available during office hours. Just give Barbara a quick call, if you are not feeling so confident or need someone to talk things about new opportunities or stepping outside your comfort zone to advance your career.

Barbara is a very positive and insightful communication coach, so topics discussed should be about building confidence, courage or going for something bigger. It is not a session to complain or for negativity, but help to stand tall against any obstacles that may come your way. You can talk about asking for a raise, going for an interview that is a bit bigger than you are, how to get into a group discussion with domininant people and all other communication challenges you face in the workplace. All discussions are strictly confidential.

You can book a session in Barbara's calendar directly on this website. Availability is first come-first served and a reservation will only be honored if made 24 hours in advance, unless approved by Barbara, directly.


What are the Steps to Organize an Empower Hour Session with Barbara?
Step 1: Identify a date and time on the calendar on a Friday that you would like to speak with Barbara,
Step 2: Choose a time on the calendar and put your name and topic you want to talk about. Must be 48 hours in advance of the requested time.
Step 3: Barbara will send you a short email to confirm or request another time.
Step 4: Once the time is set, you can meet on the She Speaks Zoom chat room with Barbara for 30 minutes. It can be recorded if you wish and sent to you after the call.*

Please note:

Office hours on Friday and are from 12:00 - 17:00 (As the demand increases, the hours will be expanded)

24 hour cancellation policy in writing - required. No spontaneous calls, unless you ask Barbara in a Linkedin message first.

All discussions are strictly confidential. Limited to 2 calls per month, per member.*
Availability is first come-first served. When all blocks are filled, another time must be arranged.

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