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Barbara Rogoski

Barbara is an American executive speaker coach, content strategist, senior TEDx speaker coach and author based in The Netherlands. Through her company Successful Speaker Now, Barbara coaches male and female speakers to shine in the spotlight with impact and influence.

She is the founder of this program and will be your trainer, coach and biggest supporter to become an excellent communicator through one-on-one coaching, mentoring,webinars and other activities.

Her entertaining and insightful book Boring to Brilliant! A Speaker's Guide reflects the more than 135 TEDx speakers she has coached and the knowledge she has gained from meeting and helping these amazing people who have ideas worth sharing. As a new  member, you will receive a copy of the book or PDF version as your welcome gift!

As an ordained minister, helping others is part of Barbara's DNA. With this program, Barbara can have the best of both worlds! She coaches women to become powerful speakers and leaders and her dream is that the 5%  'Lift Her as You Climb' program will in the future help educate underprivileged girls and women around the world on how to be brilliant communicators and leaders of the future. But first, we have to build a large community!  Let's Go!

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