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 We Need More Women Speakers on the Stage and in the Boardroom!

There are not enough executive women leaders in top positions or experts on stages. The gender inquality gap is still significant in most countries.

This year at the Annual 2018 World Economic Forum, the challenge of female empowerment was also firmly on the agenda, because giving women and girls the opportunity to succeed is not only the right thing to do, but can also transform societies and economies. For the first time in history, there were 7 female chairwomen at the event, which shows a shift in attention to the need for inclusion and diversity.

Raising women’s labour force participation to that of men can boost GDP. Reducing gender gaps in employment, as well as in education, can help economies diversify and stimulate growth.

But how do we keep this positive momentum going, down to managers, directors, IT experts, STEM leaders and young professionals of the future? 

We believe there are several shifts taking place for women to be seen and recognized, but there is a need for coaching and mentoring women in the workplace to realize their potential and act on it. It is about daring to go for what they want and having the commuication tools to achieve their career goals on every level.

This is a Coaching Program Like No Other!

She Speaks with Passion is a communication and public speaking program for businesswomen around the world to learn about and develop your own EXECUTIVE PRESENCE. You will improve your communication skills, to engage with other like minded women and DARE to go for higher things in your career.

A Unique Empowerment Program Designed to Make A Difference

She Speaks With Passion is designed to help women to have more confidence in themselves and their ability to speak up, tell their stories and make a difference. 

  • Friday Empower Hours - mini coaching sessions with Barbara
  • Email access to her 24/7
  • E-Library unique vontent
  • Private Member Forum
  • Monthly Webinars live and recorded
  • Opportunity to participate in our Lift Her as You Climb Social Outreach program

An additional, unique element of the program is the outreach platform. When we reach 100 members, Barbara will begin to set aside 5% of the incomce after taxes for scholarships and outreach projects for girls in third world countries,to teach them communication skills early.

Our vision is that our She Speaks WIth Passion program will play a role in this movement to empower girls and women. We want to create training around leadership development, self confidence and excellent speaker skills. We will partner with corporate sponsors, women's organizations and schools in poor locations to teach them how to speak with passion!


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