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Communication Coaching and Mentoring for Women in the Workplace

A Training Program to Learn New Public Speaking Skills From a Top Speaker Coach

A Coaching Program to Develop Yourself as a Better Communicator

A Mentoring Program to help you to Dare to Step up and Speak Up

To empower you to confidently stand in front of an audience, management, or team meetings

To pitch yourself strongly in interviews for a new job, promotion or quest for funding.

As a young professional, you can learn early how to communicate strongly and navigate the workplace.

To gain confidence to consider yourself an expert on panel discussions and as speakers.

To polish your delivery to 'Talk Like TED' for speeches, pitches, interviews and more.

To help you manage difficult business situations, relationships and tough meetings.

To network with other women around the world just like you.

To ‘Dare to Do It’ with a caring, passionate coach behind you to support your career advancement.

Corinne Vigreux
Corrinne Vigreux

“I do alot of public speaking as CEO and Co-Founder of TomTom. But the TEDx talk was different. I wanted to be really well prepared. Barbara came in and brought the right amount of guidance and pulled out the stories, phrases and a bit of structure I needed to make a memorable script and also taught me a few new things about my own delivery style which I didn't expect. Barbara is professional, passionate, supportive and a very talented speaker coach.”

Corinne Vigreux, Co-Founder of TomTom


Barbara is a great suppoter of women's issues. For four years she has coached and empowered Female CEO's, startups, visionaries, entertainers and professors to reach their full potential at giving a TEDtalk. Not only were they able to give a stellar TEDtalk, they continued to do so afterward. I am very grateful to have Barbara Rogoski as a great supporter and TEDtalk coach at TEDxAmsterdamWomen.”

Marian Spier - Founder of TEDx Amsterdam Women

Mid Level Management

Mid Level Managers and Directors

Are you responsible for a line of products, services, projects or people and have to speak often for your work, but know that you can improve yourself and accelerate your career? Barbara offers many programs that can help you on this quest through self-study, group coaching or time with Barbara.

Executive Woman

Executive Women In or Near the C-Suite

You have worked hard to reach the level you have achieved in your career. You want to be sharp, prepared and confident for every meeting or presentation, Barbara can be your coach-on-call to help you prepare for presentations or talk over difficult situations. Because sometimes that is all you need to step up and speak up.

Women in STEM

Women in STEM

There is a lot of attention paid to women in these four disciplines and the call for you to come out of your shell, be recognized as the expert you are and to present your ideas in different ways than ever before. For you, confidence and storytelling skills are very important. Barbara can teach you to “Talk Like TED” and gather your ideas and your story into a strong script.

Successful Leaders

Leaders of Successful Startups and SMEs

Are you pitching often and speaking to potential investors? Do you want to make sure your story is strong and confident? This program will teach you how to structure your content, deliver with confidence and will also allow you to meet other women in your shoes.

Shy Experts

Shy Experts who Struggle to Present Their Ideas

If you have a fear of speaking or have challenges to put yourself out there as an expert in your field and to tell your story, than the She Speaks with Passion program is for you in a variety of ways. Barbara is present for you in many ways on webinars, in Empower Hours, on the private forum and through email access.


High Potential Management Trainees

If you are just starting out in your career as a management trainee, you want to learn how to communication well in the workplace. You will find many articles and courses that will help you on your journey and working with Barbara as your coach-on-call will be valuable for your climb up the ladder.

Back to Work

Women Coming Back to the Workforce

Are you ready to come back to the workforce, but lack confidence in yourself and your abilities? Do you need a compassionate coach to hold you accountable for steps to take to find a job, or to reintegrate into your old position? There are many communication challenges that can be daunting all by yourself. The Dare to Do It coaching can help you here.

Anouk Visser
Anouk Visser

“I never really presented on a prestigious stage like the TEDx Ams Women Startup Awards event. I am the Chief Technology Officer and enjoy giving demos and pitches at smaller events, but taking the TEDx stage can be intimidating. Luckily, Barbara stepped in to help me prepare for this experience by increasing my confidence. She worked very hard with me on the content and taught me many things about how to be a strong female presenter and even video recorded me in the last session for our review. I didn't win the competition, although I feel I have already won because I had Barbara as my speaker coach.”

Anouk Visser - TEDx Amsterdam Women Startup Award 2016 Finalist

Julie de Widt, Microsoft

“Barbara has the ability to define and clarify key messages we wanted to communicate and encouraged the speakers to deliver these messages with focus and impact. The attention to authentic storytelling is something that many speakers need guidance on. We started out with two executives who needed speaker coaching and it turned into a convenient retainer relationship where I could call Barbara whenever one of our other speakers or spokespeople needed help. This flexible retainer arrangement makes my job easier because I have a professional speaker coach on hand that canstep in at a moment's notice. It is comforting to have an expert with an outside view close to my team, allowing us to tell and present stories that stick, that make a difference, and that are compelling to listen to.”

Julie de Widt-Bakker, Microsoft, Manager of External Communications

Barbara Rogoski

Barbara is an American executive speaker coach, content strategist, senior TEDx speaker coach and author based in The Netherlands. Through her company Successful Speaker Now, Barbara coaches male and female speakers to shine in the spotlight with impact and influence.

She is the founder of this program and will be your trainer, coach and biggest supporter to become an excellent communicator through one-on-one coaching, mentoring,webinars and other activities.

Her entertaining and insightful book Boring to Brilliant! A Speaker's Guide reflects the more than 135 TEDx speakers she has coached and the knowledge she has gained from meeting and helping these amazing people who have ideas worth sharing. As a new  member, you will receive a copy of the book or PDF version as your welcome gift!

As an ordained minister, helping others is part of Barbara's DNA. With this program, Barbara can have the best of both worlds! She coaches women to become powerful speakers and leaders and her Lift Her as You Climb program is designed to help educate underprivileged girls and women around the world on how to be brilliant communicators and leaders of the future.

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